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Telecom Microlens Array Optics

Multi-channel optical communication systems require microlens arrays for coupling between laser sources, fiber and waveguide arrays, optical multiplexing and optical switching.

Our microlens arrays are the ideal lens solution, providing a precise and monolithic component for array collimation and coupling. Made from synthetic fused silica, these microlens arrays entirely avoid the need for polymer or epoxy in the optical path, offering a high-reliability solution for demanding optical communications applications.

Fiber Coupling Microlens Arrays

We can create a wide range of lens array optics without the need for a mask or mold tooling.One-dimensional arrays are available with a standard lens pitch of 250µm, or can be supplied with customer-specified pitch.Two-dimensional arrays are available with sphere, asphere, astigmatic, cylindrical or acylindrical lenses on a regular or customer specified grid.The microlens array can be fabricated within a larger planar substrate to enable ease of mounting, without the mount impinging on the clear aperture of the microlens array.