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Optical microlens technology

Photolithography Technology

  • Based on the contact multistep photo-lithography  (chemical = wet etch), followed by a special power-enhanced re-fining of the etched profiles.
  • Allows multiple shape optics to be concatenated  into one surface (hexagonal, orthogonal, square,   cylindrical, circular or irregular micro lenses), both spherical and aspherical, both concave and convex and work with anamorphic materials (BK7, fused silica, glass)
  • Non-symmetrical shapes possible
  • Support wafer level, processing the wafers of 4×4″ size and dicing them into the individual MLA size, also design monolithic 2-sides micro lens arrays.
  • Processing 6×6“ wafers for high volume production

Laser direct write

  • Arbitrary freeform process with  high optic depth
  • Allows multiple shape optics to be concatenated into one surface
  • Non-symmetrical shapes possible
  • Very low roughness (Ra<1nm, 10um spatial period)
  • Very low scatter = very high efficiency
  • Maintains very high LIDT of bulk fused silica