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APEquamm provide a wide range of optics for collimation and correcting of laser diode bars and stacks. Our slow-axis collimators and smile correctors are used to increase brightness in HPDL-based systems, and our HPDL brightness optimizers offer the highest achievable brightness for the most demanding applications. We also provide systems for HPDL beam symmetrization, to maximize fiber-coupled efficiency.

Multi-channel optical communication systems require microlens arrays for coupling between laser sources, fiber and waveguide arrays, optical multiplexing and optical switching. APEquamm’s microlens arrays are the ideal lens solution, providing a precise and monolithic component for array collimation and coupling. Made from synthetic fused silica, these lenses entirely avoid the need for polymer or epoxy in the optical path, offering a high-reliability solution for demanding optical communications applications with very low insertion loss and high coupling efficiency.

APEquamm speakers are applied with brand new acoustic conceptual theories to overcome the “1.5mm thickness limitation” , “1.05mm or 1.25mm thickness smart-speaker” without necessary of extra acoustic enclosure are ready to ship.Embedded with MEMs or ANC audio codec, the future portfolio of “smart-speaker combo or modules” will not just optimize the system structure, but also make complete change of acoustic system design of mobility devices.